Siste nyheter fra Stall Dal

Count down for the foals to arrive!

2019 will be a very exciting year, Kannan x 2, Casall and Diamant de Semilly.. Do I need to say moore?

Fine- Chin`s son Nostradamus is approved!

What an achievement, Nostradamus is now approved, and available at Henrik Klattes stud!

1.30 Debut for Hopina H

1.30 debuten ble gjennomført med en strålende feilfri runde. Hopina leverer gang på gang!

Velkommen 2019!

It`s on! <3

Our foals of 2018 is sold!

The globalization makes the selling market huge, and I love it. Its amazing to live in a small town in Norway, with tiny culture for breeding jumpers, but still sell foals to all over the world. Im so thankfull for my fantastic mares giving me all this chances.