SD Diamonbreaker – born 27.05.19

Diamant de Semilly – Heartbreaker – Darco

SD Diamondbreaker

Let me introduce you to this strong, powerfull and extremely good looking colt, who comes out of a combination of some of the best bloodlines in the world! Diamondbreaker stands correctly on his legs, he has a winning attitude and good gaits. Diamondbreaker is interessting for the future both as stallion prospect and sport horse.

With all the successfull offsprings in damline, and still moore younghorses waiting to get old enough for the competition arena, we are very much excited for this years coltDiamant-de-Semilly-Jump1

Diamant de Semilly

SD Diamonbreaker`s father, Diamant de Semilly is known as an exceptional showjumper and sire, he transmits to his offspring his strength, scope, great balance, wonderful canter, suppleness, uncommon ease and super willingness, which make him a dream stallion !

Diamant is ranked since several years best Selle Francais Sire and he has been ranked as nr. 1 in the world for years.

He combines the power and great ease of his sire, Le Tot De Semilly with the blood of his excellent damline (same as Almé).

Diamant has already produced more than 1200 jumping winners indexed in France and numerous others in foreign countries. Due to the pourcentage of his offspring indexed in showjumping and the good level of those indexes, Diamant is the SF stallion who improves the most the quality of his offspring ! He has also already produced more than 60 stallions approved in SF studbook and many others in some other studbooks and some among the best, like the 2011 Oldenbourg Champion of the stallions (cf. Diamant x Phin Phin) and Diarado, the 2007 Holsteiner Champion of the stallions. Among other famous offsprings:

Emerald (Diamant x Carthago)diamantdesemilly_confirmation

Diarado (Diamant x Corrado I)

Pacino (Diamant x Muguet du Manoir)

Quickly De Kreisker (Diamant x Laudanum)

Niack De L’Abbaye (Diamant x Rocky du Carel)



The dams father, Heartbreaker was declared ‘Preferent’ in 2009 because of his successful offspring in the international scene. Heartbreaker himself was successful at Grand Prix level with Peter Geerink and is now placed number 12 on the WBFSH-ranking for jumping sires. His influence in worldwide breeding is enormous. Heartbreaker has been equally successful as a sire, leading the Dutch breeding values for jumpers for five years in a row. International competitors by him include: Splendid van de Heffinck (James Paterson Robinson), BMC’s Skybreaker (Mikael Forsten), Thorax van ‘t Heikhof (Marc Wirths / Markus Beerbaum), Toulon (Hubert Bourdy), Vancouver d’Auvray (Danielle Toano), Uriana van Klapscheut (Frederica Franceschetto), Voice (Jose Larocca), Calypso VB (Marshal Field), Ups ‘n Downs van den Bandam (Clemence Laborde) Viva (Sergio Alvarez Moya), Radieux (Frederic Vernaet), Riant vd Mosselcentrale (Hank Melse), Unbreaker (Marco Porro), Vienna Rouge (Keean White), Up To Date van het Geelhof (Emile Martinsen), Clever-Boy vd Ruitershoeve (Antonio Portela), Quasimodo van de Molendreef (Jaime Azcaraga), Versace van de Ruitershoeve (Pauline Guignery). Action-Breaker (Sergio Alvarez Moya) and Orlando (Darragh Kerins).

Bilderesultat for calunas carento leon thijssen

Calunas Carento – Leon Thijssen

The dam, Devinas mother, Wendelin, comes from the famous Sonnevanck stem, dam line 56, breeding family 21. Her son Caluna’s Carento, (Devinas brother,) from Caretano Z, was sold at auction in 2005, and has been approved at Zangersheide. He finished 6th with the 6-year-olds at the Lanaken WC and has jumpd 1.60 under Leon Thijssen. Furthermore, the following internationally jumping horses are connected to the dam line: Sire Major de la Cour (BWP approved, 1.60 under Jean-Claude Vangeenberghe), Argelith Niels (1.60 under Eva Bitter), Un Ami (Stefan Corten and The Illusionist ( Jack Neefs)

Minerva, after winning the Netherlands Championship 2018

Devina has herself produced many showjumpers. Hickstead AEG – 07 (150 with Nick Channing, previously ridden by Robert Witaker), Ivina AEG -08 (140 Melissa Seneca), Jalisca AEG – 09 ( 120 / Joris Aegten). Jalisca won the BWP Finale for 5 yr olds, before she got an unfortune injury and is now in breeding. Kastello AEG – 10 is now with out and doing 1.40 classes. Minerva AEG – 12 is doing 135 classes with her junior rider Kimberly Loos. Devina has also younger offsprings, waiting to get old enough to enter the sport arenas!



SD Diamondbreaker is for sale to buyers who can develop him and offer him a good home. Please get in contact through email: or whatsapp: 004741444148 for price info, videos etc.